Where to stay

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There is a wide variety of accommodation available at Snape, Aldeburgh and in the surrounding area. Details of accommodation agencies, B&Bs, self-catering accommodation and hotels who have chosen to advertise with us can be found at the back of our seasonal brochures, or click on the link above to view the list.

During the Aldeburgh Festival in June, coaches are available for all concerts held outside Aldeburgh. Coaches depart from the Aldeburgh High Street Box Office, calling at Fort Green car park, the Cinema and Uplands en route. Ticket prices vary depending on the venue but generally cost from £4 to £7 for a return journey.

Visitors taking part in our artist development schemes will generally stay in B&B and self-catering accommodation in Aldeburgh, as well as at Elizabeth Court, a 16-room bed-sit on Aldeburgh High Street owned by Aldeburgh Music. Full details regarding accommodation will be sent to you in advance of your stay. Transport to rehearsal facilities at Snape is provided.

Aldeburgh Beach. Photo: Nigel Luckhurst

Snape and Aldeburgh

‘Snape Maltings is one of those rare artistic places where the buildings, the people who visit and work there, the magical setting, come together and enable you to do something out of the ordinary.’ – Alfred Brendel


'A unique selling point about Aldeburgh is that it is a wonderful place to be, no matter if the weather is fair or foul. If the sun is shining, the wide sea vista gleams with a brilliance few places can rival. If the east coast does its worst, the scudding black clouds and biting winds conjure a Peter Grimes atmosphere that is what this town, forever associated with Benjamin Britten, is all about.'
– Richard Fairman, Financial Times, June 2008